Here are the list of Gods and Goddesses you can choose from to be your parent
  • Jupiter, god of the skies
  • Ceres, goddess of agriculture
  • Neptune, god of the seas and horses
  • Pluto, god of wealth and the underworld
  • Minerva, god of war strategy
  • Apollo, god of the sun, music, prophecy, and healing
  • Diana (Hunter of Diana), goddess of the hunt
  • Venus, goddess of love
  • Vulcan, god of fire and crafts
  • Mars, god of war
  • Mercury, god of theives and messanger of the gods
  • Bacchus, god of wine
  • Bellona, goddess of war
  • Letus, god of death
  • Somnus, god of sleep
  • Somnia, god of dreams
  • Cupid, god of love
  • Aquilo, god of winter and the north wind
  • Auster, god of summer and the south wind
  • Vulturnus, god of autumn and the east wind
  • Favionus, god of spring and the west wind
  • Janus, god of beginnings, endings, doorways, and choices
  • Fear, god of fear
  • Terror, god of terror
  • Nox, goddess of night time
  • Rivalitas, goddess of revenge and balance
  • Discordia, goddess of discord
  • Arcus, goddess of rainbows
  • Moneta, titaness of memory
  • Latona, titaness of invisibility
  • Proserpina, goddess of springtime
  • Juventas, goddess of youth
  • Fortuna, goddess of luck and chance
  • Trivia, goddess of witchcraft and crossroads
  • Victoria, goddess of victory
  • Concordia, goddess of harmony and concord

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