Legionnaires scutum

Scutum (shield) is shields used by the Roman Army. Scutum means shield in Latin, and has come to mean a general type of shield; the curved, red legionnaire's shield. However, circular shields can also be used.


On the legionnaire's scutum, there is a round iron boss in the centre. It is used for defence as it is big enough to shield blows, and can also stun or knock people over.

The design on the front of the shield is of eagle's wings and thunderbolts, sacred symbols of Jupiter.


Testudo is when ranks of soldiers with legionnaire's scutum lock shield to form an impenetrable shield wall, as protection from arrows. It is a traditional tactic used by the Roman Army.


All demigods who come to camp are equipped with a Gladius, a Pilum, a Pugio, a Scutum and armour. All are made of Imperial Gold.

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